If you’ve ever seen a hand drawing an animation in real-time on a white screen, typically in black and white cartoonish style artwork, this is what is known as a whiteboard animation or explainer video.

Whiteboard animations or explainer videos have become an extremely powerful marketing tool in recent years, yet few business owners are aware of its broad appeal and high viewer retention rates.

So why is there such a huge appeal for whiteboard animations? Well, for consumers, they’re far more engaging and interesting than traditional video or other means of advertising. People have been bombarded with flash and animated gifs for years. They all look the same and all scream AD! So whiteboard animation is a fresh take on branding and marketing. They are cost effective for businesses who are looking to advertise professionally without necessarily having to break the bank. There are no props, no camera men to higher and no retakes.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Whiteboard Animation Works!

  1. Whiteboard animation can be more creative since the artwork is drawn and no actual actors or extras need to be used. It is used to focus on a clear and exacting message that your viewers easily comprehend.
  2. They add an element of interest and can be rather fun and entertaining. People who visit web sites are seeking information, but they will linger if they are simultaneously entertained. This is the reason why many whiteboard videos use cartoonish and often funny drawings.
  3. People retain a lot more information if they get video and audio coupled with humor. If executed properly, you can make your videos very engaging and build your brand or get your message across to more people, thereby saving ad dollars on wasted pay per click campaigns.
  4. Because most whiteboard videos are short, we can embed them easily anywhere on the web, they help convert landing pages extremely well and they allow you to improve your truview YouTube advertising click through and view rates!
  5. It is not unusual for a whiteboard animation video to get an over 60% view rate even without a target audience. Time and time again, over 50% of people will watch a whiteboard animation through to the end even if the product originally would not have appealed to them. This gives your video time to convince the viewer to take that next step!

Whiteboard animation videos can go viral when spread on social media using proven strategies and this can be a powerful brand recognition tool for your business. In fact, it could quite possibly be one of the most cost effective ways for you to advertise. The content can be reusable and continue to work for you 24 hours a day. Creating these explainer videos is easier than it used to be, which brings the cost of producing a high quality product down. It is no longer only in the hands of large corporations with deep pockets. Your new business can benefit from it today!

If you would like help producing your video campaign, our production team would love to work with you.

I use professional voice over actors and can get them in either British or American accent, or even the exciting movie trailer type voice! Voice selection is a very powerful conversion tool indeed. Choose the wrong tone or approach and your conversion rates will be adversely affected.

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    Reach out today if you’re interested in getting a unique spin on your advertising and boost that landing page click through rate! Here are a few whiteboard animation video samples below.