Whiteboard Animation Improves Conversions & Retention

This is a cost effective option for businesses who are looking to advertise professionally without having to sell their first born to do so.

Whiteboard animation can be more creative since the artwork is drawn and no actual actors or extras need to be used. It is used to focus on a clear and exacting message that your viewers easily comprehend. They add an element of interest and can be rather fun and entertaining. People who visit web sites are seeking information, but they will linger if they are simultaneously entertained. This is the reason why many whiteboard videos use cartoonish and often funny drawings. They are very effective and improve conversions and user retention.

Because most whiteboard videos are short, we can embed them easily anywhere on the web, they help convert landing pages extremely well and they allow you to improve your truview YouTube advertising click through and view rates!

It is not unusual for a whiteboard animation video to get an over 60% view rate even without a target audience. Time and time again, over 50% of people will watch a whiteboard animation through to the end even if the product originally would not have appealed to them. This gives your video time to convince the viewer to take that next step!