A professional web site audit consists of a variety of tests that are performed with the purpose of ensuring a secure foundation upon which to build a solid marketing strategy. The technical issues discovered during the audit can range from minor to serious.

One of our engineers will be happy to discuss the report with you.

Many companies will offer a mediocre web site audit that really leaves you hanging without any clue as to how you go about fixing the problems that were discovered during the audit. Dynaweave will run a detailed web site audit free of charge on your domain.

(This is a service very few companies can provide – ask about it!)

The techniques and methods used to perform the audit will uncover a variety of technical issues that will need to be addresses if you want your web site to perform optimally. There is never any obligation, and you’re free to keep the report even if we don’t earn your business.

Please fill out the form and we will run an audit for your web site and supply your report.

Sample Web Site Audit Report

Here is an example of what your report will look like. I will be happy to discuss this with you. The audit should be run again, after all these issues have been fixed. 

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